Get to know Pole Dance Factory


Get to know Pole Dance Factory

Pole Dance Factory was born in 2011 with the purpose of empowering through the practice of pole dance. We are proud to provide an inclusive space, where people of all ages, sizes and skill levels can discover and explore the fascinating art of pole dancing. Our mission is to foster confidence, strength and personal expression through this artistic sport.

We offer quality pole dancing classes taught by generous, highly trained and experienced instructors. We strive to create a safe and welcoming environment where each student feels inspired to push their limits and achieve their individual goals.

We value diversity and inclusion in our community. We celebrate the uniqueness of each person and promote a space free of judgment.

What can pole dancing do for you?

1. Improved strength and overall fitness
Pole dancing is a full-body exercise that helps build upper torso strength. You will improve your resistance and tone your muscles.
2. Increased confidence and self-esteem
As you learn new moves and push your own limits, you will gain self-confidence and develop greater self-esteem. You will see your body become stronger and more agile, which will help you feel more confident and positive in all areas of your life.
3. Artistic expression and creativity
Pole dancing combines elements of dance, acrobatics and personal expression. It allows you to explore your creative side and find your own unique style. You can experiment with different movements, choreography and music, giving you a form of artistic expression and emotional release.
4. Metabolic efficiency
As it is an intense physical activity working different muscle groups, your metabolism accelerates, which contributes to fat loss and muscle gain, improving your Body Mass Index.
5. Improved flexibility and coordination
You will improve your flexibility and your range of motion. It can help you maintain good posture. Additionally, the coordination required to perform the tricks will help you develop motor skills.

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