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Much more than Pole Dance


Much more than Pole Dance

Sessions of 30′, 60′ and 90′ where you work on disciplines that complement your progress on the pole and protect you from injuries. They include choreography, ballet technique, strength, flexi, etc.

Flex Factory

60′ classes where active flexibility of shoulders, back and legs is worked on, aimed at increasing the range of mobility safely.

Power Factory

60′ classes where the specific muscles of pole dancing are strengthened in order to advance faster and avoid injuries.

Open Pole

90′ free training sessions without a teacher to practice.

Pole Lines

60′ classes where ballet technique applied to pole elements is worked on.

Pole Flow

60′ classes where choreography or mainly contemporary dance resources are worked on on the pole.

Pole Stands

60′ classes where the vertical technique is worked on and applied to tricks on the pole.

Fast & Furious

30′ classes where HIT-type work is done in order to accelerate basal metabolism.

Move & Connect

Specific sessions that promote connection with oneself and with others through movement, can vary between meditation, yoga, contact, twerk, dancehall, biodanza and any other activity that we see can benefit the students and that falls within the values of the center.

Private Lessons

60′ private sessions with our teachers. Request availability

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